Peapod Productions

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues

A Christmas Comedy by Jeff Goode

"That man has been a walking, talking, holly-jolly sex-crime-waiting-to-happen for years!"

A dark, dark Christmas comedy. Scandal erupts at the North Pole when one of Santa’s eight reindeer accuses him of sexual harassment.

As mass media descends upon the event, the other members of the sleigh team demand to share their perspectives, and a horrific tale of corruption and perversion emerges, which seems to implicate everyone from the littlest elf to the tainted Saint himself.

With each deer’s confession, the truth behind the shocking allegations becomes clearer and clearer. …and murkier and murkier… and funnier and funnier!

Presented by new theatre company Peapod Productions in the intimate setting of the upstairs bar space at The Store (formerly The GRV) in Edinburgh this promises to be the perfect antidote to too much Christmas shopping and too many repeats of “The Sound of Music”.

Presented by arrangement with Samuel French Limited

Past venues




3 stars

this is a show worth seeing

Edinburgh Spotlight

3 stars

packing a mightily powerful punch… a fine debut from Peapod

Thom Dibdin, Annals of Edinburgh Stage

3 stars

for theatregoers who prefer their comedy coal black, the show provides a bitter antidote to the season’s sugar coated sentiment

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